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I’ve been struggling with a serious creative block lately. One thing that I’ve realized, however,  is that creativity will find you the second you stop looking so hard for it. After racking my brain for weeks to think my next DIY, one day I randomly decided to buy provigil online canada

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It’s the first day of Spring. YAS.

What’s better than a bottle of really good merlot? Repurposing its cork into something really beautiful and functional, that’s what. My lovely friends at Ninety+ Cellars sent me a few bottles of the good stuff, and it was the perfect opportunity to do a DIY with buy genuine provigil

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I’m strictly a chocolate person and really dislike any candy that is not chocolate – my least favorite in that family being Twizzlers. Those are an atrocity. Anyone with me on this? Unfortunately for me, the selection buy provigil in usa

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As some of you may already know I recently moved to Brooklyn! A few days ago I unpacked the kitchen box., which was mainly glasses. How does one accumulate so many glasses?! When you make so many cocktail recipes you buy a lot of glasses, that’s how. I found these stemless wine glasses in the box where to buy provigil in bangkok

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Summer is the time for soirées, but a soirée isn’t a soiree without champagne – it’s pretty much just a meeting, and you can quote me on that. But if you really want to wow your guests you’ve got to take your bubbly up a notch with these champagne Jell-O shots. buy provigil online with mastercard

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If you’ve ever shopped for dinnerware on a budget, chances are you own the same plain white Ikea set that I have. Literally EVERYONE I know has this set and I don’t blame them – it’s cheap! But eventually you start to get very tired of the same old boring white plates and long for a new look. This is why I was tempted to spruce up these bowls after having them for two years. I researched what method was best to make painted bowls + how to make sure my design would stay on the bowls, and found that enamel paints would do the trick.

painted bowls3

Now that I’ve made these painted bowls and successfully so, I’m afraid I’m going to have to paint all of my dishware now if someone doesn’t stop me. But hey, those could make for some more DIY posts in the future. Looking for a DIY way to update boring kitchenware? Read on for more!


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  • Enamel paints( I like buy provigil online australiathe best)
  • paint brushes
  • plain bowls
  • newspaper to protect your surfaces
  • optional: acrylic spray sealer

painted bowls4

the how-to:

step one: make sure your bowls are clean and dry.

step two: starting with your lighter colors, paint random brushstrokes all over the bowl.

step three: paint brush strokes and smaller patterns using your darker color(s)

painted bowls5

step four: allow to dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. place in an oven (to “set” the paint) at 150° for 5 mins.

step five: remove from oven and allow to cool and you’re done!

Optional step: the paint is already pretty secure but if you want to make it more durable spray some clear acrylic sealer on to the bowl, making sure to avoid the inside.

The best thing about this paint and the technique is that you can literally paint any of your dishware. It works on mugs, plates and glasses too – so the possibilities are really endless. I see myself painting some champagne glasses in the future.

painted bowls7

Another thing; right now I can’t say whether or not these painted bowls are dishwasher safe but I’ve washed mine twice so far without an issue. I’ll update you on how they do, but for the meantime please hand wash only!


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I’ve been looking for  simple projects to update my space, but I also wanted to make something that would be practical and serve a purpose, which is how this colorblock clock came about. My apartment has started to look an unintentional shade of clinical white because I started to overdo the whole “clean space” thing so I decided to make a minimalist clock with a pop of color. The whole thing cost me about $10 to make (I bought most of the stuff on cheap provigil prescription

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We’ve all been there before; you have a guest over at your home and they ask for your Wifi password. Either you have to go searching for the 40-digit code on your router or you tell them the code and they get it wrong. It shouldn’t be that complicated, and it won’t be if you have this printable! provigil to buy online