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Hellooooo September! The past month has been full of interesting developments including a move to Brooklyn and a trip to Cuba – more info on those coming up in posts later. For this months wallpaper I decided to keep away from anything fall-related and make this mudcloth inspired wallpaper. I did this for two reasons: I’m from Ghana and this design is so close to home and second, I just launched a new business selling African Mudcloth home decor! If you want to learn more about mudcloth, its history and origin is you should definitely take a look at my website and shop buy provigil cheap.

Now back to regular programming! Find the download link for your FREE wallpaper below and as usual don’t forget to share with friends and family – and be sure to tag me in your photos of it. Enjoy, my dears!

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It’s been quiet around here lately, and there are some very legitimate reasons for this. I recently decided to take a leap of faith and do something that had been on my heart for a while. I sold my creations at my first market! I wish I had video evidence to show you buy provigil fast

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Gifts are one of those things where the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t really apply. I don’t know about you but a crappily wrapped gift gives me very little hope for what might be inside. Enter printables to save the day. where to buy provigil in singapore

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I have a very serious fixation with triangles. It’s something even my mother noticed when I was a child. But it’s a very valid fixation – triangles are a creative’s best friend. The clean lines and sharp angles make any design look 100x better – case in point, these freebies.

Both of these feature my new favorite saying, “Carpe the damn diem, girl.” (This may or may not be my email signature).

*This iPhone wallpaper is available at my can i buy provigil online ($1.99) it is no longer free for download 🙁 (It was for one day only on 11/16)

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The To-Do list is a great way to get organized for the day – print 2 copies on one A4 paper and enjoy using the to stay organized! Unlike the iPhone wallpaper, this printable will be available for download any time. Click how to buy provigil online to download.

p.s. This week I’ll be doing a DIY post on how to make the geometric mug you see in the picture above – so dope, right?

I hope you enjoy these – I know I will. Show them off on Insta/Facebook with the hashtag #essiedoessummer and I’ll show you some social media loooove.