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My obsession with donuts continues. What is new however, is my obsession with little things – I mean I recently attempted a DIY woven key chain, but it was quite the ugly creation, and unfortunately I couldn’t post a tutorial. I’m going to try that again, but in the meantime buy provigil cheap

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Have I ever told you my one true talent is quoting Beyoncé lyrics whenever appropriate? In this case Beyoncé lyrics were the only acceptable phrases to be DIY-ed onto these tote bags – especially the hot sauce one. I discovered this technique from buy provigil fast shipping (my new obsession) and although iron-on transfer pens are mostly used by embroiderers to transfer designs onto fabric, it can be used in so many ways! I especially love this DIY because it requires so few materials. Keep reading for the easy-to-follow tutorial to make these über cool tote bags that will have you feeling like a queen; Queen Bey to be exact. buy provigil from uk

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I have a thing for naturally occurring gemstones, specifically anything that looks like marble, agate or druzy. The fact that I know those names is telling of my obsession. I recently got into the Pinterest game (It’s hard to believe I own a DIY blog and have not been on buy provigil in canada all this time!) buy provigil in south africa

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Here’s another handmade Christmas card project! I actually made this one weeks ago and completely forgot about it, but as I sat behind my books studying into the night yesterday, I remembered that I did. Because that’s what studying does to you right? You forget the very thing you just read but you can recall buy provigil online ireland