Cherry-Lime Cocktail

Who doesn’t love a pink cocktail? Especially when it comes with a fruit skewer. DUH. I spent my entire day on the hunt for a new apartment and when I finally made it home, I was craving nothing but an ice cold refreshing cocktail. Although I made it off the top of my head, this one definitely did the trick.

-1 tsp grenadine syrup
-1 shot Bacardi Cherry Rum
-1 large lime (juice)

Put the grenadine in a glass and then add your ice. Pour in a shot of cherry rum, the juice of one lime and then top off with sprite. Stir everything till well-mixed and enjoy!

The fruit skewer is an optional garnish, but I opted out of using cherries for it because I didn’t want an overload of cherry flavor. Berries worked just fine.

As sweet as this drink is, it’s also really refreshing. The combination of flavors is great and I hope you try it out for yourselves!

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