Lavender and Rose Body Scrub

Body scrubs are the perfect way to pamper yourself , and you can make them very easily at home. Did I mention that they also make an excellent gift? Making a scrub yourself means you can use all organic/natural ingredients like I did, and also use ingredients the gift recipient will love. I made mine with rose and lavender because they smell good, are relaxing and help with all types of skin issues. I also used Himalayan pink salt because of its pretty color and all of its known healing properties -but you could use regular salt. Most of the ingredients I used were bought at a grocery store!


1 cup Himalayan pink salt

3/4 cup pure almond oil

1 tsp ground rose petals – ordered from Amazon!

1 tsp ground dried lavender – find these at whole foods and many other grocery stores

6-7 drops lavender essential oil (not pictured)



1. Mix all your dry ingredients together in a bowl.

2. Add almond oil and lavender essential oil and mix well so that all the salt grains are moist with the oil. Transfer into a jar and seal.

This really took me less than 10 minutes to make so it’s a really great last-minute idea. It smelled heavenly so I decided to make more to keep for myself. This mixture is self-preserving so you could literally keep it for 3-4 months without anything happening to it! I hope you guys make this and try it out on your skin – it leaves it soft and seriously moisturized.

Comment below to let me know if you tried it and how you liked it!

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