DIY: mini yarn pom-poms

IMG_2352I’ve been trying to get back on a regular schedule of making DIY tutorials and set a goal for myself, but this thing is HARD yo! School always takes priority for me so I find that the times I am most unproductive on my website are often the times I’m most stressed at school. I’ll try to do better y’all – I know how much you guys love the DIYs.


That said, here’s a new DIY that I intend to build on/make a mini-series in the next few posts. Pom-poms have been all the rave lately and I’ve seen them trending in many projects. I’ve made a step-by-step tutorial showing you guys a really easy way to make them, and with a special tool – a fork!

So follow along and let’s get to making!


You’ll need:





The How-To:

  1. Cut two 6-7 inch strings of yarn and set them aside – you’ll be needing these later.
  2. Begin to wrap the yarn around the sides of the fork as shown in the picture. Make sure you cover the loose end (from the beginning of the yarn) as you go so that it does not unravel. Remember; more wrapping = thicker pom-poms!
  3. After you’re done with the wrapping, pass one of the strings you cut through the fork so that you can  tie it around the open side of your wrapping.
  4. Tie the string as tight as possible. Use the second string if necessary to make it tighter after tying the first. I find that smaller pom-pons require the two strings but you may not really need it with bigger ones
  5. Slide the warped/tied yarn of the fork and using sharp scissors cut the two sides.
  6. Finally – This ones’s the fun part. The pom-pom will be fuzzy and uneven after cutting the sides, so shape and trim it to look more like a ball – like a haircut.


pom 2








These were surprisingly easy to make and I found myself making more. Can’t get enough of ’em poms.

Why stop here though? If you’re wondering “what do I do with all these pom-poms I’ve made now?” then today is your lucky day. In coming posts I will also be showing ways to use these pom poms for other DIY things like gifts and art pieces – the possibilities are endless! Check back soon for these posts.

As always, I love to hear your comments/thoughts/suggestions/opinions/speeches so hit me with them in the comments box below!


Till next time, my summer-ers!




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