Mini Cranberry Wreath Placecards

I have mixed feelings about the Thanksgiving season because it makes me miss my family in Ghana, but then I also know that should we be given the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving – we for sure will NOT lol. It’s not a Ghanaian holiday. I do love me some Turkey though!(not the bland kind, please keep that away from me ugh)

If you’re like me and you’re not expected to contribute a food item to Thanksgiving because it’s not ‘your holiday’ then why not bring these quick and easy mini wreath place cards to the table? Just grab the leftover cranberries and get to work!

**My camera is M.I.A. so please excuse the iPhone photography.

What you’ll need:

  • 9 cranberries per wreath
  • Any kind of bendable wire
  • Scissors
  • Twine/thread
  • Greenery (I literally ripped mine from a bush after class at Columbia yesterday lol)
  • Paper & pen


1.Cut about 12 inches of bendable wire.

2. Place the cranberries on the wire by pushing it through the bottom of the berry and out the top. String all 9 of them on.


3. Close the wreath into a circle by wrapping the 2 end pieces around each other,

4. Tie the greenery onto the wreath using twine/thread (at the point where you closed it).


5. Label the name card and place on the wreath (you could also glue it on if you want!)


Told y’all this was easy! Now go wow your friends and family with you DIY skills. Okay time to go prepare my body for the ultimate feast. What on your thanksgiving table?

Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies!





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