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Watercolor Valentine Sugar Cookies

It’s actually surprising that this is only my first Valentines themed project. I’m usually much more aggressive about Valentine’s day than this LOL. So of course I had to do something really good to make up for it – hence these super fancy sugar cookies.

I baked my cookies the day before because I didn’t want to spend too much time working on them. I’m not going to show the sugar cookie recipe in this post because that’s not the fun part but you can follow this recipe to make yours. Or just buy the mix.

What you need:

  • Packaged fondant
  • rolling pin
  • cookie cutter (preferably the same one you used to cut out the sugar cookies)
  • new paintbrush
  • Gel food coloring (I used pink and red)
  • Vodka
  • Edible gold foil
  1. First roll out your fondant using your rolling pin according to package instructing. If you’re unsure about it, there are many videos on Youtube that can show you how. Rolling fondant is notoriously know for being hard but I found it to be easy-  especially since you don’t need it to be perfect when you’re using them to cover cookies.IMG_3133
  2. Cut the fondant using your cookie cutterIMG_3137
  3. Now you’re going to stick the cut out fondant to the top of the cookies. Lightly wet one surface of the fondant circle with water. It will start to feel sticky, then place it gently onto the cookie. I like to press dow around the edges of the fondant to secure it. Time to paint!
  4.   I filled 3 shot glasses with a little bit of vodka but you can use a (new) paint palette.
  5. Leave one glass empty and then mix a very tiny amount of the gel food coloring in the other 2 glasses. Your solution should be very light in color.IMG_3138
  6. Paint the pink onto the fondant randomly. Do the same with the red. You’ll blend these in later.
  7. Let the cookies dry for about 7 minutes then use the CLEAR vodka to blend all the colors together. As you  do this be mindful of the watercolor effect you’re going for.

    You can see in this picture the cookie on the right doesn’t have the colors blended together yet

  8. While the fondant is still slightly wet, the place the gold foil onto the fondant randomly.

I was so zen and happy doing this project – who knew painting cookies could be that relaxing? Just be sure to carve out a good amount of time to work on this. The reward is so worth it though! I mean beautiful AND edible? Yas.

IMG_3140 IMG_3142 IMG_3150

Are you making any valentines cookies? Let me know in the comments!




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