Gold + Pastel Easter Eggs

I’m on a mission to create the greatest Easter eggs ever – and I must say my first attempt is pretty up there. As you all are aware (due the countless times I’ve said it) , gold is my favorite color. But gold AND pastels? Mannn you’re killing me here! All these eggs involve is acrylic craft paint and gold leaf (I bought an absurd amount on Amazon). I also used fake plastic eggs because I scored a dozen for only about $2 and I don’t have to do the tedious process of blowing eggs out. If you don’t mind doing this, by all means go for it!

They turned out so beautifully that I’m looking for ways to display them in my home – everyone needs to see them right?

What you need:

-Acrylic craft paints

– plastic eggs (or real – just remember to blow them out first)

-small paint brush

-gold leaf

-Mod Podge


1. Paint a light coat of pastel paints on your eggs and allow them to dry.


2. After your eggs are dry, paint random spots of mod podge on the eggs and adhere the gold leaf to it. Mod podge dries clear do don’t be too worried if you don’t completely cover the spots.


Easy as pie. Look out for more fun Easter egg designs on the blog soon! I’m spending the week in sunny Miami, so maybe a beach inspired Easter egg?



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