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Freebie: More Summer Phone Wallpaper

As much as I’d have liked to wait until the first day of June to release the monthly freebie, it made much more sense to actually do it on a Monday. After all, it says ‘Less Monday, More Summer’! If my blog name didn’t give it away already, I’m the self-proclaimed queen of summer. There’s no season quite like it and I tend to flourish from May – September LOL. To celebrate my love for summer I designed this org wallpaper, and now you can all partake in my love for the season! I put up 3 wallpaper options on my snapchat for you guys to choose and this one was the unanimous winner. I love love love the minimalist look and fresh vibes of the design.

disclaimer: not my hands LOL

disclaimer: not my hands LOL


Because I’m in school, life doesn’t really slow down for me until these months. And it’s not exactly slow because I still have classes but there’s a certain air of carefree-ness that comes with the warm weather that makes everything much more bearable, amirite? I wish you all less Mondays and more summatime this to download

I’m so excited to have more time to work on projects, recipes and apartment updates, but most of all I’m excited about rooftop brunches/drinking.

What do you look forward to most in the summer?



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