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Rose + Raspberry chocolate bark

I’m strictly a chocolate person and really dislike any candy that is not chocolate – my least favorite in that family being Twizzlers. Those are an atrocity. Anyone with me on this? Unfortunately for me, the selection of good chocolate among Halloween candy is pretty limited so this year (a whole week later) I’m making Halloween candy great again by making my own chocolate bark. After you try this recipe you’re going to be asking yourself the same question I ask everyday – why isn’t chocolate bark more popular?!


I’ll tell you why – because people don’t realize how easy it is to make. As long as you have an imagination and about an hour on your hands you can make chocolate bark for yourself even if you aren’t a 5-star pastry chef.

what you need:

  • white chocolate (2 cups)
  • rose extract
  • freeze dried raspberries (1 tbsp)
  • dried rose petals (1 tbsp)


the how-to:

step one: slowly melt the chocolate by creating a double boiler (in a bowl placed in another larger bowl with hot water)

step two: add a few drops of the rose extract to the melted chocolate and mix well

step three: pour the melted white chocolate onto a parchment-lined tray and spread our using a spatula

step four: immediately sprinkle the raspberries and dried rose petals evenly onto the chocolate and then press them in gently.

step five: allow bark to set completely (about 30 mins) then cut into smaller pieces with a sharp knife

The hardest part of this recipe was waiting to take pictures of the chocolate before eating it. Unfortunately M stopped me from eating it all because I’d planned to give most of it away as gifts.


The freeze dried raspberries add an amazing crunch to the bar.


Is it possible be in love with a food? Because I definitely am

You can experiment with this recipe and throw in a few more ingredients (pistachios, coconut flakes, etc.), as long as you understand the basic idea of making chocolate bark. Now when the holiday season rolls along you’ll be prepared and ready to whip up some peppermint bark! How are you going to put your own twist on this chocolate bark recipe?


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