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Floral Wall Hanging

floral wall hanging

I’ve been struggling with a serious creative block lately. One thing that I’ve realized, however,  is that creativity will find you the second you stop looking so hard for it. After racking my brain for weeks to think my next DIY, one day I randomly decided to re-do the decor in my bedroom without even realizing that I’d come up with a new project that is oh so floral. Guys, you should have seen me skipping with joy all the way to Michaels to get supplies. FINALLY!

I’ve had a yarn wall hanging (tutorial coming soon, I promise!) above my headboard ever since I moved but I recently became bored with it. I love flowers and try to have a fresh bouquet in my house all the time. But any real flower-lover will tell you that it’s an expensive ‘love’. Cue this minimalist wall decor with faux flowers – GAME CHANGER. The whole thing took me roughly 25 mins to make and cost me only $17 in supplies.

what you need:

the how-to:

step one: cut leaves and flowers off stems (if any)

step two: place glue on spots you would like to adhere the faux plants to and allow a few minutes for it to get tacky

step three: adhere the faux plants onto the embroidery hoop then allow to dry for 30 mins. For extra security you could also use floral wire, but I found that just the glue was fine.

step four: hang up your new minimalist floral decor like a bawsss

Thanks to my short attention span, I know I’ll changing this in a few weeks. But while it last I’m going to enjoy this beauty. It’s really changed up the look of my bedroom and my inner plant lady is very content.

Remember, you don’t have to use the same flowers and greenery that I did. My style is naturally more minimalist, but if you want to go crazy with the flowers go for it boo! Like I always say, whatever you DIY – make sure it reflects YOU.



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