DIY Incense Holder

I’m trying to stay away from reiterating the things we’re all being bombarded with right now, but my guess is – you’ve been indoors for a while now, like myself. Some days I’m doing nothing and just relaxing, other days I’m busy busy busy. Whatever you choose, that’s okay.

If you’re looking for a DIY project to keep you busy, well here it is. If I’m going to be inside all day then it at least has to smell nice. So I made this incense holder with polymer clay to set the scene! Want make one for yourself? Read on!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 pack oven bake clay ( I used black but you can use any color!)
  • Exacto knife our other sharp blade
  • Wooden skewer
  • Round cookie cutter
  • Sandpaper
  • Gold paint or paint pen
  • Glue

The how-to:

step one: Divide your clay into 3 pieces. You’ll use 2 to make the base piece and 1 to make the holding piece

step two:  Roll out the clay for the holding piece into an oval. You can use your hands or a rolling pin.

step three: Place the oval clay in the freezer for up to 15 minutes. This will make it easier to cut/shape into a gem shape

step four: Roll the clay for the base piece into a round ball, then use a rolling pin to roll it out into a circle

step five: Use a round cookie cutter to cut out a circle in the clay

step six: Take out the piece of clay in the freezer. Use your knife to trim the clay into your desired gemstone shape

step seven:  Use a skewer to poke a hole through the gemstone piece of clay

step eight: Bake both pieces of clay according to package instructions

step nine: This is optional but I like to sandpaper my clay when it comes out of the oven so that I have no rough edges

step ten: Paint the gemstone piece gold, then do the same with the base piece. Allow both to dry completely

step eleven: Glue the gemstone piece to the base. I did mine off center but feel free to got it in the middle if you prefer!

Just stick in your incense and you’re done!

The base will catch any ash so you don’t have to worry about it. Now sit back, burn some incense and relax!

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