The Team


Olaitan Oladipo

A filmmaker and content creator, Olaitan joined EDS at its inception, combining her creative and strategic talents to serve as Director of Business Development. Identifying opportunities for company growth and serving as point of contact to clients and vendors, she works closely with the team to develop innovative solutions that highlight EDS capabilities.

Olaitan currently resides in Los Angeles, is a British native, and a graduate of Brown University. In her down time she likes to ponder the answer to the question, “Who let the dogs out?”


Mike Bieszard

Mike is the go-to guy in every possible way. You can always trust him to be the person at EDS to convert mental pictures into real things. He is a scientist at heart and translates this experience into creative projects. Although he also serves as the occasional photographer for EDS, his role as Project Director is where he uses his enquiring mind the most.

A proud Jersey native, Mike currently lives in New York City with many pet fishes. He works in healthcare.

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