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Pressed Flower Frame

pressed flower frame

I love flowers, except when they do what they’re supposed to do – die. Isn’t that just the worst? So this year I decided to make the roses I got for Valentine’s Day last forever, with a simple DIY pressed flower frame. Read on for how to do it yourself!

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A Quarter Century’s Worth of Summers


I did a fun birthday shoot with Chichi of TwoTwenty Photography and I recently decided to share a few images with my readers (at the risk of seeming narcissistic – yikes). No “birthday post” is not complete without some reflections, right? So y’all are gonna have to put up with the words accompanying this post, ha!

My mum likes to say that I was her easiest delivery, and I believe that has translated into my easy-going life. For the most part of 25 years I’ve been that girl to “let it go” simply because I never really learned to stress. But there are countless times that I did panic and stress, and those times brought me some of the most important lessons. Just hang with me for a second, I’m going somewhere with this.

I was stressed out when I started my blog, and when I transitioned to a website. I couldn’t understand why, because I was extremely organized at these moments and I had a game plan for every situation. I was meeting my personal deadlines and most of my goals (gotta admit this is not a very frequent occurrence with me, lol). So why could I not be calm? It was months later that I came to realize that it was because pursuing these goals had woken something in me. When you discover a passion – especially when you aren’t expecting it – you become restless. Your physical and mental being is woken up to a new ability of yours that you also enjoy, and the feeling is electric.

The first time that I met the students that were being helped by a non-profit I co-founded – Imagine Ghana – I panicked. I couldn’t think of why I thought my small group of people could take on a big problem in Ghana. Who did we think we were? And how far were we even going to get? My chill was out the window so fast. I asked one very young girl what she wanted to be in the future, and she said me. In my head I was like “girrrl take that back – I literally am still a child myself”, but I asked her why. And she told me it was because “I was helping”. She didn’t know me or who I was or the fact that I snooze my alarm more than regular people every morning, all she knew that I was helping. Then it dawned on me that I panicked because I wanted so badly to effect mass change, but all that really matters was that I helped. If that’s not a good life lesson then I don’t know what is!

On the morning of my birthday today, I woke up stressed. I was stressed because I had forgotten important lessons like the ones above, and instead I was feeling unaccomplished. So I decided to take stock and count my blessing and this post was birthed out of that. I hope my mini-reflections are at the very least, thought-provoking to you.

Fear and stress go away, but the lessons they teach you don’t. Take these, and remember them, and arm yourself with them. And as you live (what I hope is) your easygoing/occasionally stressful life I hope you never forget to also live everyday as if it is summer. Happy 25th birthday to me and thank you all for sticking around for my randomness!







Photography: Chichi Agbim

Makeup: Evelyn Garcia

Styling + Props: Essie Does Summer



Black Friday Sale/ Small Business Saturday!

Hi everyone!

This year I’m especially thankful for the support and love I’ve received on the blog and the Insta!! To say thank you, I’m having a Black Friday sale.

Shop at my Etsy shop using the code ESSIETHANKS25 to get a 25% discount off all items in store. Hurry while stocks last!


Freebie: Psalm 23 Phone wallpaper

Be reminded of God’s grace every time you look at your phone screen with this free wallpaper! This verse from Psalm 23:3 is always meaningful especially in those times where we feel worn out by the ins and outs of life.


So go ahead, visit and click to download – and remember to share with others!





Picture Of The Day

Greetings everyone!

I’m back in the U.S. after my too-short trip to Ghana. It was eventful, it was relaxing, it was everything! And for the first time in my life…IT HAPPENED. I met someone at a party and introduced myself to her, and she immediately said, “Don’t tell me you’re Essie Does Summer!”. I wish it was appropriate to have done a dance when she said that, or I’d have done it. Life achievement unlocked!

After coming back from such an amazing stay, the last thing I wanted to put up with was negativity. Now New York isn’t exactly the place to be if you want to avoid negativity – and people had already stated to annoy me. So I took the decision to JUST DO ME! Not everyday other peoples’ melancholy, sometimes good vibes.

And maybe you needed this reminder today. It’s a wonderful thing to put others before yourself but once in a while we all need to be selfish. Sometimes unplug and focus on you. It’s necessary!

Keep doing you, homies,



Freebie: Pink Bible Verse laptop wallpaper

Fill your laptop screen with some encouragement with this simple and elegant wallpaper. The quote is from one of my favorite bible verses to turn to for strength, John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Sometimes we all need this reminder, right?

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