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Howdy peeps! So this is a project and not just a 2-step DIY. Like seriously – it’s taken me 3 days to finish it, but mainly because I’ve been super lazy about it and it also involves lots of paint drying. But let me tell you the story buy provigil cheap

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There’s nothing like a handmade greeting card to make someone feel special. When I have nothing else to do I (let’s face it, I mean procrastination) I make cards and wait for an occasion to pop up where I can send one to somebody. Speaking of pop-up, these cards were inspired by a sweet little card I saw in a bookstore near Columbia University.

This is an easy DIY and it’s pretty much zero effort if you additionally have an electronic cutter. I recently got myself a Cricut machine and I’ve been going crazy with it. I’ve cut out about everything from all colors of paper – sue me.

Anywhoo, in this tutorial I’ve included some FREE printables that will help guide you if you do not have an electronic cutting machine. I’ll be showing you how to make a whopping TWO cards so Go on and get to creating!

What you need:

-Cardstock (preferably something with much more weight that ordinary paper)

-Exacto knife – you won’t be needing this if you have a cutting machine


-Colorful gift tissue

-Large hole paper punch

-Gold paint

-Small paint brush

Step 1:

For card one (left in the image of the two cards), buy provigil fast shipping to download and print your free cutout file. This card is the pop-up card.

For card two (on the right), buy provigil fast shipping to download and print your free cutout file. This is the confetti filled-card.

Step 2: 

If you have an electronic cutter, go ahead and use to downloaded files to make cuts, no need to print.

If you don’t have a cutter, this is where your elbow grease will be required. With card 1, cut the entire ‘YAY’ shape out of your yardstick by following the outline. With card 2, cut ONLY the black lines printed on your cardstock. This is so that you have a foldable side on the bottom of the letters.

Step 3:

Get rid of unwanted pieces. Fold card 2 at the bottom of the letters (the area you left uncut) so that they pop out of the card


The next few steps will be specific to only one of the cards so make sure you’re working on the write one – although there are pictures to guide you so you know.

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Card 1:

  • Put a small amount of gold paint on your brush and paint your pop-out letters in faint strokes. You want to leave some of the white areas showing for that “paintbrush effect”.
  • Allow to dry for 10 mins and voila, you’re done!

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Card 2:

  • Punch out holes in your gift tissue with the hole punch.
  • Write whatever message you want inside the card.
  • Paint glue on the inside of the card as close to the edges as possible. Don’t use too much glue or you’ll create a mess when you seal the card!
  • Place the confetti inside the card, avoiding the glue on the edges.
  • Seal the card. You want the card recipient to have to rip the card open – this is what makes the confetti jump out at them!

Whether it’s for a birthday, to say congratulations or just because these cards make an excellent and thoughtful gift. I can’t wait to make more variations and send them to everyone I know! I might be listing these in my buy provigil generic also, depending on response so watch out for them.


Spread the confetti.






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buy provigil in ukI’ve been trying to get back on a regular schedule of making DIY tutorials and set a goal for myself, but this thing is HARD yo! School always takes priority for me so I find that the times I am most unproductive on my website are often the times I’m most stressed at school. I’ll try to do better y’all – I know how much you guys love the DIYs.

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I’ve said this before but let me repeat it for everyone who hasn’t noticed yet – my favorite color is gold. #Allgolderrthang. My obsession led me to make these fridge magnets which make a very simple ol’ thing like a fridge look jazzed up. I previously had some buy provigil online legally

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There’s no better combination than wine and a sweet treat! AND it’s even better on a hot summer day. These aren’t your regular slushies though, as they combine dry white wine with strawberries – not for the little ones!  I made this after a day of walking around New York city and it was far more refreshing than I could have ever imagined. I’m thinking of making this for my summer rooftop brunch, but rooftop + sunshine might not bid too well for the slushies wellbeing. Also I’m in a constant debate with myself whether to say ‘slushy’ or ‘slushie’ – any ideas on which is actually correct?

What you need:

5-6 pitted and washed strawberries

1 cup riesling

2 cups ice

And all you need to do is blend blend blend! If you would like to save some of this for later, a good way to store it is to pour the slushy/ie mix into an ice tray and re-blend when you’re ready.

This is an easy one so get to blending! I hope you guys enjoy 🙂

Stay cool,


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I once told someone that gold was my favorite color and they responded that gold is a finish and not a color, apparently. Long story short, gold is still my favorite color. I got bored with my regular champagne glasses and decided to jazz them up a bit – and what better way to do this but to add some gold.

This is a really really easy and budget-smart DIY! You only need one other supply apart from your glasses and this cost me $2.99 at Michael’s (there’s a 20% of sale going on this week!). Read on for the scoop.

What you need:

-Champagne glass(es)

-Metallic gold dimensional fabric paint

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1. Make sure your glasses are clean and dry, then dot the gold paint all over it. The best technique is to squeeze the bottle till a little bit comes out, then touch it to the glass and then lift it straight off. This will ensure your dots are nicely rounded and have a 3D effect.

side note: For an ombre effect I concentrated my dots at the bottom and thinned them out towards the rim of the glass. Feel free to try other designs though!

2. Let stand for about 1 hour to dry completely.

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I was so excited with how these turned out guys! You can throw them in a dishwasher or hand wash these still as long as you’re not scrubbing. BRB gonna enjoy my new bubbly glasses!