Welcome to Essie Does Summer! I’m Essie. I have always been a DIY enthusiast and I love being able to make something out of nothing. So I started this blog one summer when I had a lot of time on my hands. It started out as something small to showcase my do-it-yourself projects, but quickly grew to include recipes, drinks and lifestyle.

A lot of my projects are inspired by my homeland Ghana and the city I live in, New York. Combining these two worlds has birthed a style that is uniquely me.

I’m currently a student at Columbia University pursuing a career in Public Health, but creating is really what keeps me grounded. It took me a while to find my groove and I absolutely love what I do!

I opened up an Etsy store because of how many purchase requests I always get in the comments, and I’m looking to expand my business by doing some DIY classes and commercial production – I’m also looking at the possibility of hiring more interns soon!

Here’s to making, fixing, updating, drinking, collaborating, creating and more. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope it feels like summer everyday for you.

With Love,

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