Word Hair Pins

If you haven’t seen these word hair pins floating around your timeline then I don’t know where you’ve been! I was riding the subway to work last week and I saw a woman with a really cute outfit and word pins in her hair that said

“TRY ME” What a #mood! I’m a strong believer that accessories make the outfit, so I just had to make a set for myself.

If you check the prices of these pins online they can range anywhere from $10 to $50 (much higher if they’re custom) and it can be hard to find a pin that exactly expresses your vibe. So this tutorial exists so that everyone can make one for themselves. Just about $15 and you can make about 8 pins that express YOU.

What you’ll need:

  • Foam letters (not too big or your pin will look outrageous girl)
  • Gold or silver nail polish
  • Glue ( I used fabric glue but a glue stick also works)
  • Small crystal stickers
  • Super glue
  • Large black hair pins

The how-to:

If you happen to find silver foam letters you can skip step one, but they were super hard for me to find so I had to hack it

step one: Use a the nail polish to paint the surface of your foam letters

step two: Rub a very light layer of glue onto the surface of the letters, then using tweezers place the crystals on the surface of the letters, side by side

step three: Once all your letters are done lay them out on your pin to plan the arrangement and to make sure they fit

step four: Use a small dot of super glue to place the letters onto the hair pin (on the “flat” side) and let this dry for about 30 mins

step five: Rock your fancy new hair pins!

I’m gonna tell you now that this is one of my tutorials that requires PATIENCE (re: placing the crystals on), but the reward is worth it.

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