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DIY Incense Holder

I’m trying to stay away from reiterating the things we’re all being bombarded with right now, but my guess is – you’ve been indoors for a while now, like myself. Some days I’m doing nothing and just relaxing, other days I’m busy busy busy. Whatever you choose, that’s okay.

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I read somewhere  once that smell is the most intense form of memory and I absolutely agree. Especially when that smell has a physiological effect on you, like relaxation. Each time I smell lavender I feel an immediate sense of calm – what the kids call “chill” these days lol. I had a bunch of tired lavender gifted to me so naturally I’m finding all the ways to get that heavenly smell into everything. Cue this easy lavender room and linen spray.

With just a few ingredients, most of which you probably already have lying around the house. It’s easy to make and a little goes a long way. I have a feeling my 2 spray bottles are going to last me a while and I’m not complaining.

What you’ll need:

  • Lavender essential oil
  • Vodka (or other unflavored alcohol)
  • Distilled water
  • Dried lavender
  • Spray bottle

The how-to:

step one: Mix a few drops of your lavender essential oil with about 1teaspoon of vodka. This helps you create the ideal mixture because the alcohol in the vodka helps make the oil more soluble

step two: Add vodka/essential oil mixture to your spray bottle and shake well to combine

step three: Top off spray bottle contents with distilled water and shake again for better mixing

step four: Add a couple off sprigs of dried lavender into the spray bottle, seal and enjoy!

The best part about this simple creation, is that it has quite a few uses. In addition to using it as a room freshener spray, you can also spray a bit onto your pillow at night time to help you drift off into a calm, blissful sleep.

Pro Tip: You can use this method for or making a spray with other essential oil combinations!


Word Hair Pins

If you haven’t seen these word hair pins floating around your timeline then I don’t know where you’ve been! I was riding the subway to work last week and I saw a woman with a really cute outfit and word pins in her hair that said

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Custom Message Doormat


What’s easy to make, budget-friendly, funny, and PRACTICAL? This hand-painted doormat!

As a clean freak it can be really hard living in New York sometimes. “Did they just sit on my couch with subway pants? Continue Reading


Straw Bag Makeover with Pom Poms

The second it got warmer this year, I dusted off my straw bag and took it for a spin. Straw bags became a trend more than a year ago and have since been relentless – I’ve pretty much seen everyone with some kind of straw bag on their arm, from your fave influencer to my mom.

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Pressed Flower Frame

pressed flower frame

I love flowers, except when they do what they’re supposed to do – die. Isn’t that just the worst? So this year I decided to make the roses I got for Valentine’s Day last forever, with a simple DIY pressed flower frame. Read on for how to do it yourself!

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DIY Home decor

Floral Wall Hanging

floral wall hanging

I’ve been struggling with a serious creative block lately. One thing that I’ve realized, however,  is that creativity will find you the second you stop looking so hard for it. After racking my brain for weeks to think my next DIY, one day I randomly decided to Continue Reading

DIY Home decor

Hanging Wine Cork Planter

It’s the first day of Spring. YAS.

What’s better than a bottle of really good merlot? Repurposing its cork into something really beautiful and functional, that’s what. My lovely friends at Ninety+ Cellars sent me a few bottles of the good stuff, and it was the perfect opportunity to do a DIY with Continue Reading

DIY Printables

Printable Gift Tags + Gift wrapping idea

‘Tis the season to skimp on anything but gifts! After you’ve spent your paycheck on the best gifts for your friends and family, save the rest of your coins with this inexpensive way to present your gifts beautifully (see what I did there?!). Continue Reading