Lemon and Cucumber Infused Water

It’s boiling outside and as much as I’m the self-proclaimed queen of summer, this weather is extreme. It almost seems too hot for a cocktail and that’s saying a lot. But still, who wants boring ol’ water? I like to #turnup my water
by infusing it with different fruits, herbs and vegetables.


Infused water really is the jam and there are endless possibilities. I chose this combination because the lemon and cucumber are really refreshing and it helps on a day like this. The rosemary was for a hint of added flavor and it works really well.

The how-to is simple; Just slice the lemon and cucumber, put in your container, add rosemary and ice, pour in water, and you’re good to go.

Take this with you when you’re leaving the house and refill when you are out of water – the lemon,cucumber and rosemary will keep infusing.

Also, remember to stay cool, my friends!

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