Minimalist Yarn Wall Hanging

wall hanging

Here I am again, adding things to my wall #DIYproblems. I decided to spruce up my bedroom wall a little bit, so made this super easy yarn hanging to put up.

It was really nice to spend a relaxing Saturday morning, with Will & Grace on the TV, tying knots around a ring. Seriously, this wall hanging is the most therapeutic DIY I’ve done till date!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 paper straws
  • Glue
  • Scissors (not pictured)
  • 2 yarn colors of your choice
  • 10″ inch macrame ring (I got mine from Amazon!)

The How-to:
step one: Since just one straw will be too short to use for a 10-inch macrame ring, we’ll glue 2 together to make a longer one. Do this by adding a light touch of glue to the end of one straw then joining another to it

step two: For one color of yarn cut a number of loose strings. My strings were about a foot and a half long. These are the strings that’ll go on the macrame hoop.

step three: Taking two strings at a time, find their middle point, loop in half, then loop around the macrame ring. Keep repeating this process until you’ve covered as much of the ring as you’d like. This is a tad bit hard to explain, so refer to the images for a better idea!

step four: Glue the straw to the macrame ring and let dry

step five
: Repeat steps 2 and 3 on a new yarn color, making sure the lengths of strings you cut are slightly shorter. Loop yarn onto the straw the same way you did with the ring

step six:
Trim the ends of the string to your liking

step seven: Hang it up and admire your creation!

minimalist wall hanging

And that’s all folks! Try your hands at something creative and spruce up your space with this quick DIY. This wall hanging took me about 25 minutes to finish, and all of the materials came to a total of about $14. WORTH IT.

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