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Howdy peeps! So this is a project and not just a 2-step DIY. Like seriously – it’s taken me 3 days to finish it, but mainly because I’ve been super lazy about it and it also involves lots of paint drying. But let me tell you the story buy provigil cheap

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I once told someone that gold was my favorite color and they responded that gold is a finish and not a color, apparently. Long story short, gold is still my favorite color. I got bored with my regular champagne glasses and decided to jazz them up a bit – and what better way to do this but to add some gold.

This is a really really easy and budget-smart DIY! You only need one other supply apart from your glasses and this cost me $2.99 at Michael’s (there’s a 20% of sale going on this week!). Read on for the scoop.

What you need:

-Champagne glass(es)

-Metallic gold dimensional fabric paint

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1. Make sure your glasses are clean and dry, then dot the gold paint all over it. The best technique is to squeeze the bottle till a little bit comes out, then touch it to the glass and then lift it straight off. This will ensure your dots are nicely rounded and have a 3D effect.

side note: For an ombre effect I concentrated my dots at the bottom and thinned them out towards the rim of the glass. Feel free to try other designs though!

2. Let stand for about 1 hour to dry completely.

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I was so excited with how these turned out guys! You can throw them in a dishwasher or hand wash these still as long as you’re not scrubbing. BRB gonna enjoy my new bubbly glasses!