The Great Gatsby Cocktail


It’s that time where everyone keeps saying “it’s been a great year”, but as cliché as it may sound it is so true. In this year I’ve seen the biggest growth for EDS and I’ve also met and  connected with many other  creatives whose advice and insight has been so helpful. So yes, all in all it’s been great.

To end the year with a bang, here’s a cocktail recipe for what I think is my favorite drink till date. Perfect timing, huh?!

I kid you not when I say that it tastes perfect. Using a slightly bruised pear added some extra sweetness to the drink that you may not get with a crisp/fresh pear. I know I’m always all about fresh ingredients, but this is one case where you can compromise. A little bit.

What you need:

1 Slightly bruised pear, sliced

2 tsp. honey

2 tbsp. St. Germain

Champagne or Prosecco (brut is best)

Bruised pears need love too!

Bruised pears need love too!

Muddle the pear together with honey in a highball glass, then top with ice. Add the St. Germain and stir very well. Top off the glass with prosecco or champagne.

It’s quick to make, so if you’re having guests for NYE you don’t have to waste time making drinks. You could also do it in a large batch! If you’re not hosting or going out for NYE, enjoy a glass of this amazing stuff as you watch the clock turn 12. Either way you’re still winning.

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you joy, peace and good health as we commence a new set of 366 days (it’s a leap year!) Looking forward to  sharing more exciting DIYs, recipes, cocktails and projects with you all in 2016!


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