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Printable Gift Tags + Gift wrapping idea

‘Tis the season to skimp on anything but gifts! After you’ve spent your paycheck on the best gifts for your friends and family, save the rest of your coins with this inexpensive way to present your gifts beautifully (see what I did there?!).

Just some white construction paper, gold paint, twine and these printable tags are all you need to be crowned the best gift-giver this year.

Wrap the stuff up with construction paper, then paint patterns of your choice on the wrapping.Print and cut out the tags using the download link below, and secure it to your gifts with some twine…and you’re all done. I was done with all this in less than 30 mins – quick enough so that I didn’t turn into The Grinch.

Download the free printable tags below to spruce up your gifts.

Do you have any DIY gift wrapping ideas that you use? I’d love to hear them!

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