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Pomegranate Moscow Mule

If you asked me before I made this drink, I’d have said that moscow mules make no sense right now. It’s pretty much below freezing in NYC and the thought of drinking Continue Reading


The Goldberry Cocktail

The festive season has died down ( if you’re in Ghana like myself, it’s still winding down), and I for one am not happy about it. The end of the holidays means school and work and no more of those lounging-in-PJs-forever days. Blergh.

But as much as we all like to hold on to the scanty remnants of the holiday season, I think we all secretly like to watch it go. Productivity is what most of us run on, and it’s great to get back in the groove of real life. I got back in the groove of my real life with this amazing-as-hell cocktail recipe that I’m pretty sure you guys will enjoy too!


Funny story – I didn’t want to photograph the egg because I was too scared it would fall off the table and crack and it was my last egg!

What you need:

1/2 cup of blackberries

2 tbsp agave syrup

2 tsp blackberry liqueur

1 shot vodka

Juice of half a lemon

1 egg white

Edible gold foil for garnishing

First make blackberry syrup by bringing 1 cup of water  with 1/2 cup of muddled blackberries and agave syrup to a boil in a small saucepan. You can increase the recipe to make large amounts of the syrup and store this. Strain and allow syrup to cool before mixing in cocktail.

In a cocktail shaker, add blackberry liquor, vodka, 1 cup blackberry syrup, the juice of half a lemon and 1 egg white. Shake vigorously for at least 3 minutes. This is a very important step, as you need the egg white to emulsify to give you that beautiful and yummy foam. Pour into glass, garnish with edible gold foil and serve.

That foam is on fleek.

Not gonna lie I was horrified when I first learned of egg white being used in cocktails. As someone who absolutely cannot stand runny egg yolk this sounded like a nightmare to me. But let me tell you – I was SOLD when I had it. It adds extra texture and flavor to any drink and there really is no substitute for it. If I tried it, you can too.

Off to sip on the good stuff while I try to be a real human again!




The Great Gatsby Cocktail


It’s that time where everyone keeps saying “it’s been a great year”, but as cliché as it may sound it is so true. In this year I’ve seen the biggest growth for EDS and I’ve also met and  connected with many other  creatives whose advice and insight has been so helpful. So yes, Continue Reading


Cranberry-Ginger Fizz Cocktail

I know I’m getting ahead of myself with this Thanksgiving Dinner cocktail but I’ll do anything for Pimm’s. Speaking of Pimm’s, America, let me introduce you to Mr. Pimm’s. It’s a very popular liquor in the UK (my bestfriend buys it anytime he visits from London – shoutout to the real MVP) and it’s hard to imagine why it’s not a big deal over here too. Anywhoo, it’s really good. More like amazing. And you can get it in some liquor stores in the US! Continue Reading


Lemon and Cucumber Infused Water

It’s boiling outside and as much as I’m the self-proclaimed queen of summer, this weather is extreme. It almost seems too hot for a cocktail and that’s saying a lot. But still, who wants boring ol’ water? I like to #turnup my water Continue Reading


Inspired Cocktail: Peachtree Street

My inspired cocktail series features specially crafted drinks that are inspired by places and people – this is the first one! This glass of sweet southern charm is inspired by one of my favorite Continue Reading


Strawberry and Riesling Slushie

There’s no better combination than wine and a sweet treat! AND it’s even better on a hot summer day. These aren’t your regular slushies though, as they combine dry white wine with strawberries – not for the little ones!

Continue Reading


Cherry-Lime Cocktail

Who doesn’t love a pink cocktail? Especially when it comes with a fruit skewer. DUH. I spent my entire day on the hunt for a new apartment and when I finally made it home, I was craving nothing but an ice cold refreshing cocktail. Although I made it off the top of my head, this one definitely did the trick.

-1 tsp grenadine syrup
-1 shot Bacardi Cherry Rum
-1 large lime (juice)

Put the grenadine in a glass and then add your ice. Pour in a shot of cherry rum, the juice of one lime and then top off with sprite. Stir everything till well-mixed and enjoy!

The fruit skewer is an optional garnish, but I opted out of using cherries for it because I didn’t want an overload of cherry flavor. Berries worked just fine.

As sweet as this drink is, it’s also really refreshing. The combination of flavors is great and I hope you try it out for yourselves!


Strawberry and Riesling Summer Slushy


There’s no better combination than wine and a sweet treat! AND it’s even better on a hot summer day. These aren’t your regular slushies though, as they combine dry white wine with strawberries – not for the little ones!  I made this after a day of walking around New York city and it was far more refreshing than I could have ever imagined. I’m thinking of making this for my summer rooftop brunch, but rooftop + sunshine might not bid too well for the slushies wellbeing. Also I’m in a constant debate with myself whether to say ‘slushy’ or ‘slushie’ – any ideas on which is actually correct?

What you need:

5-6 pitted and washed strawberries

1 cup riesling

2 cups ice

And all you need to do is blend blend blend! If you would like to save some of this for later, a good way to store it is to pour the slushy/ie mix into an ice tray and re-blend when you’re ready.

This is an easy one so get to blending! I hope you guys enjoy 🙂

Stay cool,